What is PatternMaker?

  • a full-featured CAD program with all the tools you need to draft anything from scratch—just the way you do on paper, only faster! Clothing, Lingerie, Menswear, Bags, Bridal, Home Dec, Animals, Dolls, Costumes, Quilts all can be drafted easily in PatternMaker.
  • with various license levels, you only pay for what you need! Whether you’re looking for basic patterns, simple tools to edit those patterns, CAD features to draft your own patterns, grading capabilities, or marker features—we’ve got it!
  • we also offer two types of plug-in patterns! We have both “made-to-measure” where you input a few custom measurements or fixed-size where you just select your size.
  • AND we are the ONLY software company that offers the ability for any designer to create and sell their own patterns!

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