PatternMaker Software

Software for clothing patterns

Want made to measure patterns?
Interested in designing and selling them?
Need CAD tools to alter or create patterns?
How about Grading and Marking?

We have it all.

We've been selling our programs for making sewing patterns since 1994.

To find which product is best for you select a track.

I am a sewer if

I sew from patterns but I don't want to make patterns myself. I want to take measurements, select styles and perhaps make alterations to customize them.

I am someone who:

  • Sew for pleasure.
  • Enjoy customizing patterns.
  • Want Patterns that fit.


I am a Designer if

I do pattern work professionally and need a professional CAD tool. I understand flat pattern drafting and want to create patterns from scratch. I want the ability to distribute and sell my patterns.

I am a:

  • Fashion designer.
  • Custom tailor.
  • Theatrical costumer.
  • Patternmaker.
  • Expert sewer.


I am a Manufacturer if

I am a designer who creates patterns for mass production. I am interested in creating patterns on the computer that will be used by others.

I do:

  • Grading.
  • Marking