What is PatternMaker?

PatternMaker is:
  • a full-featured CAD program with all the tools you need to draft anything from scratch—just the way you do on paper, only faster! Clothing, Lingerie, Menswear, Bags, Bridal, Home Dec, Animals, Dolls, Costumes, Quilts all can be drafted easily in PatternMaker.
  • with various license levels, you only pay for what you need! Whether you’re looking for basic patterns, simple tools to edit those patterns, CAD features to draft your own patterns, grading capabilities, or marker features—we’ve got it!
  • we also offer two types of plug-in patterns! We have both “made-to-measure” where you input a few custom measurements or fixed-size where you just select your size.
  • AND we are the ONLY software company that offers the ability for any designer to create and sell their own patterns!

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PatternMaker program

The program is the heart of our product line. It runs the add-on patterns (below), and some versions have tools for you to edit the add-on patterns or draft your own patterns from scratch. There are five versions with different features and capabilities, so you can get the one that meets your needs

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Add-on pattern collections

Choose style options, put in your measurements, and print out a custom-fit pattern from your own computer. There are patterns available for women, men, and kids, plus pets.

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MacroGen 4 is a companion tool for PatternMaker Professional Studio, Grading Studio, or Marker Studio. MacroGen allows pattern designers to quickly and easily translate their designs from paper to a macro which can be read by the PatternMaker program.

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Pattern drafting tutorial on CD

Learn the techniques of pattern drafting with this tutorial that combines text, pictures, and animations. Suitable for use with the Deluxe Editor or Professional Studio (or higher).

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PatternMaker in print

We are proud to have our software featured in two published books.

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Collection Creator

Coming Soon!
Market your patterns by using the CollectionCreator to bundle the the macro files into a format you can distribute to your customers. Just select the necessary files and the CollectionCreator bundles them all together into a professional installation package