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Six basic foundation garments. The waist-length bra also works well for formal wear (try combining with SuperSkirt!).

  • bra with underwire
  • bra without underwire
  • waist length bra
  • corset
  • bodysuit/1-piece swimsuit
  • panties

Cup shape and panties leg shape are fully customizable by entering measurements.

How do I achieve a good fit?

Please note that the Lingerie Collection requires more measurements than the other PatternMaker collections. The additional measurements help to insure a proper fit no matter what your cup size or fabric choice.

How do I account for different fabrics?

The scaling factor allows you to resize the pattern in two directions to account for the elasticity of the selected fabric.

Super Jacket/Dress

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Jacket/dress garment with over 1000 possible style combinations! With multiple neckline, sleeve, lapel, pocket, ease options, and more, this pattern can be used to create a bolero jacket, suit jacket, button-front sun dress, etc.

Jacket or dress garment with:

  • 10 ease categories, to adjust the fit from evening wear to an overcoat
  • 10 neckline variations (tailored, rounded tailored, shawl, Mandarin, raised, jewel, V-neck, tuxedo, convertible, and asymmetrical)
  • 2 seamline options (princess lines to shoulder or to armhole)
  • 3 lapel height options
  • 5 upper and lower pocket options
  • 3 sleeve options (1-piece, 2-piece, short)
  • any hem length, from above the hip (bolero jacket) to full-length dress

Super Pants

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Another "super" garment with over 260 variations possible! Choose from three basic silhouettes, waistline styles, pocket options, and leg width options. Pants can be customized with any length from waist.

  • choose from 3 silhouettes: pants with darts, pants with pleats (1, 2, or inverted), or jeans
  • 3 hip ease options
  • set-in waistband or elastic waist
  • pocket options: straight, rounded, double-welt, in-seam or none
  • type in any length from waist, to make shorts, capris, trousers, etc.
  • full-length pants have 5 additional leg width options

Super Skirt

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Choose from eight basic skirt styles, plus options that combine to create over 280 variations!

  • Eight basic skirt styles (straight, wrap-around, tiered, circular, gored, yoked, pleated, and tulip)
  • Three hip ease options
  • Set-in or elastic waistband
  • Up to 7 pocket styles, depending on skirt style.
  • Each skirt style also has its own options, e.g. tiered style, wrap style, pleat style, or amount of flare.

Women's Coat/Robe

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A custom-fit pattern for an overcoat or robe. Options include:

  • detachable or integrated hood
  • collar/lapel options
  • any length from waist to floor

Women's Raglan

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The garments are the same as in the Women’s Vol. 1 Collection but are cut with the raglan style sleeve. This collection does not include pants or skirts.

  • Long- or short-sleeved raglan blouse with bust darts; collar and sleeve options. Three bust ease options.
  • Raglan jewel-neck pullover shirt with long or short sleeves. Three bust ease options.
  • Raglan dress with long or short sleeves; three bust ease options. Type in any length from waist.
  • Unfitted button-up shirt, or hooded pullover T-shirt; long or short sleeves. Four bust ease options.
  • Single- or double-breasted jacket; long or short sleeves; five pocket options. Three bust ease options.
  • Raglan-cut fitting shell. No style options.

Women's Collection, Volume 1

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This collection features classic, tailored styles. Tops have bust dart or princess seam options and three bust ease options; skirt and pants have three hip ease options, and can be made any desired length.

  • Fitted blouse with bust darts or princess seams; collar, sleeve style and sleeve length options.
  • Princess-seamed, single- or double-breasted jacket; three sleeve styles; three lapel options.
  • Basic straight skirt with set-in or elastic waistband; optional vents at front, sides, or back. Type in any length from waist.
  • Fitted pullover shirt; jewel neck; long or short sleeves. Good for knit fabrics.
  • Unfitted, men’s-style button-up shirt; fitted or straight sleeve; two collar styles; long or short sleeves.
  • Princess-seamed sheath-style dress; jewel neck; long or short sleeves. Type in any length from waist.
  • Pants with pleats or darts; set-in or elastic waist; five pocket options.
  • A set of five interchangeable collars that can be added to any garment.
  • Women’s fitting shell, with either princess lines or bust darts.

Jackets, tops, dresses, pants, and skirts can all be customized with any length from waist.

Women's Collection, Volume 2

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These garments are less-fitted than our Women’s collection Volume 1. Features include: bust darts, dropped sleeve options, and numerous neckline depth and width options.

  • Classic vest in two silhouettes (princess line or bust dart); jewel- or V-neck; neckline width and depth options.
  • Dress in three silhouettes (princess, A-line, or straight), with neckline, sleeve and sleeve length options.
  • Tailored jacket in three silhouettes (princess, A-line, or straight), with lapel, sleeve, and pocket options.
  • Pullover T-shirt with neckline and pocket options.
  • Pants in two styles (trousers with darts or jeans); waistline and pocket options.
  • Skirts in three styles (8-gore, pleated, or straight); set-in or elastic waistband.
  • Women’s fitting shell, with either princess lines or bust darts.

Dresses, jackets, shirts, pants and skirts can all be customized with any length from waist.

Men & Womens

Basic Blocks

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Basic Blocks (Slopers) Collections for Men, Women and Juniors

The basic block collection is a bodice sloper for men, women, and juniors.  Unlike old-fashioned tagboard slopers, our basic blocks don't just come in one size.  They automate the time-consuming work of drafting basic blocks to measure for each new pattern--just enter the measurements, get a basic block and go to work from there.

  • Women’s bodice has plain, princess seam or side darts options.
  • Ease options range from none (for lingerie) to overcoat size.
This sample garment was created using the Basic Block collection in conjunction with the PatternMaker Professional Studio. The fabric is rayon sari fabric, and the gold border from the sari was used to create the sash.


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Three shirts, three jackets and four pants all come with a variety of options.

Jackets & Tops

Six basic garments for men or women:

  • T-shirt
  • Pullover zip-neck shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Sport jacket
  • Raglan sleeve jacket
  • Anorak/parka.

Choose from additional sleeve, collar, and hood options, depending on the garment. Use the included standardized sizes, or type in custom measurements.


Four basic garments for men or women:

  • One-piece pants
  • Two-piece pants
  • Leggings
  • Detachable-leg pants

Use the “outside seam” measurement to make shorts or pants of any length! Also choose from three ease options and up to five pocket styles. Use the included standardized sizes, or type in custom measurements.


Men's Basics

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This set of basics includes a shirt that can be extensively customized, plus patterns for trousers, a jacket, and a vest.

This set of basics includes a shirt that can be extensively customized, plus patterns for trousers, a jacket, and a vest.

  • Jacket/sport coat
  • Vest
  • Trousers
  • Dress or casual shirt with these options:
  • long or short sleeves
  • optional front yoke styling
  • back yoke options
  • pocket options
  • cuff and collar detail options


Dog Suit

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Doggy Suit

This macro creates a cape or suit customized for your dog. It contains these options:
  • optional hood (that can be turned back)
  • variable cuff size
  • cape option (without legs)
  • Includes measuring and sewing directions

Renaissance Corset

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Create tabbed, strapless, and pointed waist corsets. Includes chemise pattern.

The Renaissance-style corset is waist length and includes these options:
  • Shoulder straps or strapless
  • Opening in back or front
  • Elongated pointed front
  • Waist tabs
  • Variable length chemise
  • Complete 57 page .pdf instruction manual. It’s a corset making class on your computer!
Please note that the Women’s Renaissance collection uses different measurements than the rest of the PatternMaker Software macro collections. It is very important to follow the measurement directions precisely.