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PatternMaker Customers Around The World

Going Deep into Design and PatternMaker in The Netherlands

“I came across PatternMaker and was hooked immediately.”

Macrogen Making a Difference in Italy

“For me it was love at first sight. Someone had already invented what I wanted! I was especially attracted to Macrogen.”

PatternMaker At Work in New Zealand

“Discovering PatternMaker was a big step towards improving my production and skill. I saved so much time.”

PatternMaker Changing Design in Nigeria

“I started making clothes as a child in primary school . . . . ”

Doing Design in Brazil

“ Grandma was patternmaking teacher in Japan. Mom used to be a seamstress. Dad was a mechanic. So here they are — the passion for clothing, computer, sewing, machines, drawing, patternmaking and Moulage (Draping).”

Chile to Canada, Language Instruction to Pattern Making

“Soon, I realized I wanted to create different things and challenge myself in the design area . . . . . That is why I started On the Cutting Floor, an online pattern store in which I provide free sewing patterns for beginners and intermediate level sewists.”

What’s Cool in Southern California

“At 45 I got a calling saying I was in the wrong profession . . . .”